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Welcome to calmversation™

Authentic connection

Joyful learning

Creative problem-solving

Transforming the learning landscape to help students and teachers shine bright.

calmversation’s innovative framework empowers K–12 students with the communication skills and self-expression tools they need to become creative problem solvers and compassionate leaders.

The future of learning begins now.

A resource-rich curriculum for K–12

While learning happens differently for every child, we are all better able to take in and process information when we are calm. The calmversation curriculum is a method of classroom learning featuring signature tools, activities, and resources to inspire engaged learning opportunities for K–12 students. 

Our program is designed to help children understand their learning process, gain the confidence to speak for themselves, and discover their intrinsic value at home and in school. 

Start the calmversation!

Empowering students with
empathy-driven communication

Children learn to:



Problem solve





Children feel:








How calmversation helps:

We make it easy to implement social emotional learning (SEL) in classroom settings

We help students and educators engage empathetically in virtual and on-site environments

We enable educators and parents to engage children’s thoughts and feelings beyond the limited lens of tests, homework, and report cards

By fostering mutually respectful and calming environments where children understand themselves better and communicate more effectively with others, we create engaged learning landscapes where ideas flourish and children thrive.

The 5 themes of calmversation™

Our SEL-inspired activities and lessons bring joy, connection, and understanding into homes and schools so that children can tap into their infinite potential as leaders and innovators.

calmversation™ is about valuing the whole child and their life experience using 5 key themes:

ideas & inspiration




problem solving

calmversation™ works because it is a simple, easy-to-deliver solution that dissolves barriers in communication, learning, and creative problem-solving.

Connect. Relate. Inspire.

What is SEL?

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process of acquiring and applying the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, achieve goals, feel and show empathy, make caring decisions, and establish and maintain supportive relationships.

Why does it matter?

Research shows that SEL significantly improves students’ academic performance and attitudes toward school, increases their ability to manage depression and stress, and empowers them to lead with kindness, sharing, and empathy. The long-term benefits of SEL are many, including positive school environments and more just communities. 

*Source: The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

What they say...

The space for thought lounge concept is sheer brilliance. As the program continues, the interests become authentic and dialogues are engaging.

Lorraine Booth

Resource/Project Lead
Canada 150 + wishes and wisdom

This program gives participants information about themselves and others. It links the similarities and differences that we all share. No one is on their own of left behind.

Laura McClenhan

Librarian/Technology Mentor VSB

Learner of all ages will benefit from the strategies. The program is innovative and inspiring!

Candice Essar

Resource Teacher
Fostering lifelong learning and growth

Workshops for parents

Jena Sharma, founder of calmversation, offers engaging and empowering workshops to help parents learn the skills of mutually respectful interactions and develop the capacity for empathetic problem solving.

When parents learn the skills of showing up authentically and consistently with their children, they help their children learn the skills of reading others and validate their ability to trust their instincts. The result is confident, compassionate, emotionally intelligent children who are ready to enter the world believing in themselves and their capabilities.

All proceeds support the development of our school curriculum and related programming