Theme 1

Introduction to idea and inspirations

The introduction module outlines what calmversation is and how it can be used to create self-awareness among students while leveling the playing field toward understanding.

This module will provide you with a framework for discussing the peaceful exchange for thoughts and ideas, set the context for learning environment and lay out the goals for the complete program

Class Overview

before class

skim the surface

  • Module Overview
  • Educator Discussion Guide
  • Activity Directions
  • Print Worksheets

During Class

  • Concept Video
  • Visual Check-in
  • Discussion
  • Pass the Word Visuals
  • Space for Thought
  • Closing Inspiration
  • Student Poll

Extend the calmversation

  • Activity (Thinking Walk)
  • Bonus Classroom Material
  • Educator Feedback

Sound Lab


  • A) Play sound
  • B) Play sound 
  • C) play sound
  • D) Play sounds