Theme 3


The Emotion module guides students through the range and defining characteristics of emotions. Opportunities to discuss emotional intelligence and cause and affect relationships are provided to help students become more comfortable and aware of how they interact with others and choices they can make in life.

This module highlights the important of observing clues to understand emotional states and offers many ways to identify changing and mixed emotional states.

Class Overview

before class

skim the surface

  • Module Overview
  • Educator Discussion Guide
  • Activity Directions
  • Print Worksheets

During Class

  • Concept Video
  • Visual Check-in
  • Discussion
  • Pass the Word Visuals
  • Space for Thought
  • Closing Inspiration
  • Student Poll

Extend the calmversation

  • Activity (Thinking Walk)
  • Bonus Classroom Material
  • Educator Feedback

Sound Lab


  • A) Play sound
  • B) Play sound 
  • C) play sound
  • D) Play sounds