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Support the cause

Family Care Kit

Explore the power of calmversation™ at home to help your children thrive

The Family Care Kit helps parents and caregivers connect meaningfully and joyfully with their children.

The Family Care Kit has generously been funded by the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada.

Inspiring compassionate engagement beyond the classroom

The Family Care Kit is calmversation’s response to the clear need for more support in home environments due to COVID-19. A unique framework for developing compassionate connection, we designed it to promote understanding, communication, and strong relationships beyond the classroom setting.

What is it?

The Family Care Kit is a resource for parents and caregivers to develop connection, understanding, and empathy with their children.

While calmversation started as a curriculum for classroom education, we found that caregivers and children alike craved similar support in their home environments. Children started asking if we could teach their caregivers the same skills they were developing in school, and caregivers were starting to show up in our online spaces to support educators.

To meet a growing need that has only become more acute and challenging in the time of COVID-19, we designed the Family Care Kit through an interactive process of focus groups and surveys. The result is an innovative, easy-to-use resource package to elevate connection, compassion, and calm.

What you receive

Introducing interactive activities, educational resources, and robust support systems, the Family Care Kit addresses the most pressing topics and needs identified among parents and caregivers.

Downloadable content introducing the 5 core themes of calmversation™ — Ideas & Inspiration, Communication, Emotions, Learning, and Problem Solving.

A connection-building resource book offering fun and thoughtful activities for children and grown-ups of all ages.

Live weekly interactive calmversations with founder Jena Sharma that address your biggest concerns about supporting your child at home.

calmversation builds connection, trust, and understanding in every space a child calls home.

Looking for more support?

In addition to the Family Care Kit, calmversation’s founder, Jena Sharma, offers powerful, empowering workshops for parents and caregivers. 

Learn to show up authentically and consistently with your children

Develop the skills for mutually respectful interactions 

Support your child’s journey toward confidence and compassion

Discover new pathways for learning, sharing, and building trust.

There’s always more to learn.

All proceeds support the development of our school curriculum and related programming