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Back-to-School Care Kit 

A step-by-step social emotional learning program to support you and your students navigate back-to-school transitions during the pandemic.

Available FREE until November 30, 2020

Thanks to generous funding from the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund led by Employment and Social Development Canada.

Supporting teachers and students in a changing world

Our online Back-to-School Care Kit is designed to establish new classroom norms and a safe, respectful, and compassionate learning environment in a time of social distancing.


Easy-to-use online programming and lesson plans — simply log in to access!

SEL-inspired activities and lessons to promote joy, connection, and understanding in your classroom

Access to online course, workshops, weekly live support events, and Pro-D Day events

Lesson plans (released weekly over 12 weeks) each include warm-up activities, discussion prompts, visual tools, and supportive guidelines on duration, objective, prep-work, required materials, and learning goals and intentions


Create a safe and inclusive learning environment through emotional check-ins with your students

Set the tone for a safe space where students feel heard and are comfortable to share concerns and experiences

Provide a structure for covering social justice topics and current events

Compassionate communication.
Empathetic problem solving.
Inspired learning.

Meet calmversation™, a K–12 program designed to promote student engagement and growth by focusing on communication, connection, creativity, and curiosity.

Our unique online curriculum includes tools, resources, and activities for educators to facilitate at their own pace. Ideal for virtual or in-person learning environments, calmversation integrates seamlessly into classroom settings to help meet learning goals more effectively — and with better outcomes.

The 5 themes of calmversation™

Help students unlock core competencies by turning your classroom into an innovation hub. Our 5-theme program provides students with the tools they need to access their full potential.

Ideas & Inspiration




Problem solving

How the curriculum works:

calmversation™ helps students thrive socially, emotionally, and cognitively. 
Developed through an interactive feedback process with teachers, students, parents, and principals, the calmversation curriculum helps children tap into their own wisdom, let their imagination loose, and discover their unique voice and mode of self-expression.

Designed for all ages

The calmversation curriculum is designed to be effective from Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12, offering content, activities, and projects that vary according to age and grade level.

Powerful engagement

Our full suite of innovative tools, activities, and resources is designed to engage students in meaningful dialogue with each other and their educators. The course material has been designed to suit a typical mixed classroom setting, meeting each student at their level.

Easy to use

At calmversation™, we understand that teachers do not have a lot of time to introduce new curricula or sort through pages upon pages of information. That’s why we’ve developed a curriculum that is easy to use and deliver—and fits into short time slots.

Flexible delivery

calmversation’s grab-and-go online portal guides educators through a self-paced program designed to require minimal prep time. Whether you deliver a theme per day, per week, or per month, calmversation helps students develop into whole-hearted humans.

Developed to meet schools’ needs

The calmversation™ curriculum is a framework designed to help educators implement and integrate educational goals with greater ease and satisfaction.

The calmversation™ pedagogies

Our research and science-based curriculum engages a broad pedagogical base to support student growth.

Social-emotional learning

Service learning

Experiential education

Problem-based learning

Collaborative learning

Empowering children to succeed in school and life

Use the tools, activities, and resources included with your classroom licence for calmversation™ in virtual or in-person learning environments.

For each of the 5 core themes of calmversation, our program offers introductory concept videos, engaging discussion starters, fun and interactive activities, immersive project ideas, and “Space for Thought” lounges — all designed to help deepen students' understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them.

Educational videos

Each theme has a 2–3 minute introductory concept video designed to build curiosity while previewing the theme’s goals, intentions, and purpose. Narrated to engage each student directly, these videos establish a compassionate and positive tone and inspire students to reflect on their learning and leadership experiences.

Discussion starters

Each theme includes 3–4 unique discussion starters to teach students to co-navigate the peaceful exchange of thoughts and ideas. Over the course of these interactive activities, students are encouraged to share what they know while observing the evolution of ideas and wisdom within and around them.

“Space for Thought” visual lounges

This unique feature of our program offers one-minute video segments to provide students and teachers the opportunity to rest and relax their imaginations. Participants can "tune in” or “tune out" while enjoying a calming nature view. Students report feeling refreshed after experiencing some "space for thought" in these calming spaces.

Work-it-out sheets

calmversation signature worksheets are designed to encourage out-of-the-box thinking. Work-it-out sheets are designed to reflect the calmversation belief that there are no right or wrong answers, only the peaceful exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Innovation labs

calmversation’s interactive innovation labs are bonus features included for each theme. Students can explore imagination, sound, expression, visual, and thought labs, all designed to help them practice the skills of observation, reflection, and connection. Labs can be engaged as a group or individually, based on what’s best for your class.

There are givers in this world. People who give kindness, give respect, give empathy, and give love. They give...calmversation. When the school setting puts up barriers, calmversation gives hope. When the school setting lends to stereotypes, calmversation gives understanding. Simply put, calmversation makes this school and our world a better place.


Kindergarten Teacher

In today's heavily connected world, knowing how to interact respectfully with a wide variety of individuals and ideas will be critical to global cooperation and innovation. From conflict zones to classrooms - calmversation empowers us to tread thoughtfully throughout our own internal dialogue so that we can more clearly and constructively approach how we communicate.

Alivia Prattas

Ethical Marketer and Photographer