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Experience a Space for Thought Lounge

Space for Thought Lounge

What is a Space for Thought Lounge?

One minute nature theme videos

Allow students and teachers to relax their imaginations

Give freedom to “tune in or tune out”

Feel refreshed

One of the distinguishing features of our program are the "Space for Thought" visual lounges. These one minute video segments provide students and teachers with an opportunity to rest and relax their imaginations. Participants are given the freedom to "tune in or tune out" while enjoying a calming view of nature which is almost always near water. The views within the lounges provide a unique perspective to view and students report feeling refreshed after experiencing some "space for thought."

waves up close

waves up close…

imagination takes flight

welcome to Beverly’s Beach…

sands of time

shells by the shore...

waves of wonder

observe reflect connect...

Canada 150

wishes and wisdom....