The Problem

The school years can be a complex and confusing time for many students of all ages. And the challenges in education continue to compound when key factors that interfere with learning are not recognized or addressed. What does it take to make education more meaningful for today’s children and youth?

The Solution

The answer is calmversation. Let’s make learning more relevant for students of all ages by creating inclusive, inspired and compassionate learning spaces through the power of calmversation. We have developed k-12 education modules that open and expand the pathways for collaborative learning, discoveries and increased compassion towards self and others. Our innovative methods empower deeper learning and more effective communication. Through calmversation, students learn how to hold on to ideas, care for their imagination and trust their creative instincts during the schooling process.

Why Support Us?

The calmversation learning foundation strives to improve the learning experience for children, educators and families. Your support will help us deliver the program for more children and educators around the world.

Where does your donation go?

1. Building awareness for calmversation as a new model for learning.
2. Expanding the initiative to reach more K-12 classrooms.
3. Subsidizing the program for school wide adoption of our curriculum.
4. Professional development, training and workshops for educators, administrators and parents.
5. Educational resources, seminars and support for children’s charities.